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Connect with your target market through sponsored
content in our local and national programs.



An influential audience with buying power.
The CPBN audience is educated, influential, professional, and growing every year.
Turn your target market into your biggest advocates.


TV viewership over 592,000


With more than
social followers


Radio listeners


Radio Coverage


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Television Coverage


In addition to our OTA, Cable and Satellite coverage, our digital platforms offer streaming, podcast and digital access to CPBN content 24/7. 


More engaged visitors with more brand loyalty

Our local, REGIONAL and national audiences are more
engaged so your marketing dollars go further.


of viewers believe the sponsors on PBS are more trustworthy than other networks (1)


of listeners take action in response to something they heard on public radio (2)


agree that sponsors are committed to quality and excellence(3)

Sponsorship opportunities that work for you


Brand Alignment

Align your brand with CPBN’s reputation for brave, unbiased, insightful programming and audiences that share your values.



Engage and convert CT, regional and national audiences based on their interest, location and message.



 Sponsor Emmy Award winning content, expert storytelling and programming
that makes your audience think, cheer
and reflect.


Flexible options

Customize packages by program, platform, and partnership level to get the most out of your marketing efforts.



Connect with your target audience by using direct, category exclusive messages that align with your business' mission and values.



Deliver multi-platform experiences on TV, radio, digital, social media, and through content partnerships & events sponsorships.

How it works

We take an integrated, multi-channel approach to get your messages
in the right place at the right time at the right budget.

Radio TV Digital Print Events Direct mail Content

With customizable platforms and programs, we’ll help you pick a media plan that’s right for you and your business - from news sponsorships and digital advertising to shared content development and partnership.


We work with you to determine your goals, and select the best opportunities to reach your audience.

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Sponsorship levels are completely customizable.
We’ll tailor the package to your budget and desired level of involvement.

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We’ll partner on creative, content,
and delivery

to get the most engagement with our audience.


Example sponsorships

Promote your message
with  special PROJECTs OR

Connect to audiences
through CONTENT

Our network

Our network of stations and platforms ensure your messages get delivered to the right audience.


A 7 station network including WNPR, WPKT, WEDW, WRLI, W258AC, WECS, and WVOF.


A statewide network including WEDH, WEDW, and WEDN



 Multi-platform digital options including web, social, online and streaming experiences



High visibility in CT Magazine and through sponsored program advertising


Sharable content, newsletters and member emails, and social promtoion


Supporting our programs with screenings, Town Hall, and VIP Events


Featured programs

Sponsor some of the best TV, Radio, and Digital programming on the air today.

Frequently asked questions

What do the terms underwriting and sponsorship mean? . . .

Underwriting and sponsorship are public broadcasting terms for advertising.  Our underwriters/sponsors buy schedules on our television and radio stations, just like they do on commercial stations.

What is a credit? . . .

A credit is the public broadcasting term for a commercial or spot that airs on our television or radio stations.

How can I market my business on public radio or public television? Are there any restrictions on what I can say? . . .

A wide range of clients use public broadcasting very effectively to market themselves.  While there are FCC guidelines that need to be followed, we can help you craft your copy so that it effectively conveys your marketing message to our audience. Our public television stations offer a variety of options (billboards and marketing spots that are 5-, 10-, 30-, 45-, and 60-seconds) and our radio station airs 15-second marketing spots that are read live.  If needed, we can usually tweak or re-edit your television spot to adhere to FCC guidelines, if you provide us with the video components (audio, video, music bed, logos, etc).  We can also work with you to produce a customized spot.

Public broadcasting is too expensive. . . .

Connecticut Public Broadcasting Network is unique because it reaches statewide viewing/listening audiences on television/radio.  Our statewide coverage (link to coverage maps for TV and radio) means that you don’t have to buy several stations/markets to reach the entire state.

Why should my organization do business with the Connecticut Public Broadcasting Network (CPBN)? . . .

CPBN is unsurpassed in providing a multi-platform approach to its sponsors.  No other media outlet in Connecticut offers statewide television and radio, a full range of digital options, print, and more. Let us work with you to create a marketing campaign that will help you reach your goals!

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